ttr stream

They need specific requirements to write clean, tight code.

They need to write tests that will accurately reveal any flaws in that code.

So when development managers are told they need to consider value when developing software, the reaction is, “Well, what do you mean by value?

”In 2019, businesses will more regularly look in on their IT processes to determine if what they’re doing drives value for the business.

It’s not enough to simply create a great application.

If people aren’t using it, or are getting to a certain point and then bailing, that’s not delivering value.

But how do organizations measure if the work they’re doing adds value?

Enter the value stream, which those organizations can create to understand how the processes they have in place and the software they create delivers — or fails to deliver — business value.

Because of the complexity of modern application development, visibility into the entire process and the entire system is critical.

Agile and Dev Ops enable organizations to deliver and deploy software faster than ever, and putting metrics on top of that begins to answer the question of whether or not each step or each software iteration is delivering value.

But the term ‘value stream’ is kind of a new, nebulous concept that organizations are trying to get their heads around.

In a nutshell, the concept is to measure and evaluate all of the end-to-end activities involved in bringing software to market, and getting the most value you can from that.