best slots in vegas

Some of the most valued casino guests can be found in the high limit slots rooms that line the Las Vegas Strip.

While casinos across the country usually have their own version of high limit slots, few can compete with the selection that is found on the strip.

Whether it is in terms of payback, game selection, or quality of service, it is tough to match the high limit slots rooms in Las Vegas.

There is a number of criteria that we considered when ranking the best high limit slots casinos.

We included a mix of both on the strip and off the strip options, as there are some high limit slot sections that tend to cater to locals, but are still very much in the running for “best” in the greater Las Vegas area.

Interestingly, while we rank Venetian as the best overall high limit slots room in Las Vegas, we did not include the room at its sister Sands property, Palazzo.

When compared to Venetian, or the other rooms on our list, Palazzo did not make the cut. The level of service and privacy afforded to players in the Venetian high limit slots room is unmatched.

Whether you are playing $10 per spin (generally the lowest game you will find here, with most being $20/spin when playing max credits), or $2,000 per spin, your privacy is assured.

The room itself tends to be very quiet most of the time and is located in a corner where the average tourist would not think to visit, making it that much more “exclusive” to high limit slot players.

In addition to the feeling of privacy, Venetian offers top quality drink and slot service.

The slot attendants are generally pleasant and are also timely in their handpay processing.

Beyond this, cocktail waitresses will usually offer a drink within minutes of when you first sit down.